Friday, May 15, 2009


Well...It has been a while...SO much going on....I am a blessed woman!

We have been enjoying life to the fullest and having so much fun with friends and family. Everyday we make sure to have a new adventure and we make sure that our hearts stay pure and our minds stay renewed!

We are so blessed by those of you who have stuck by our side through some challenging times and we are truly learning the true meaning of "the FAMILY of God." We can not say thank you enough for your love, kindness, fellowship, and Words of encouragement! It just keeps getting better and better! Praise God!

It is a new day in the Gray Home and by HIS stripes WE ARE HEALED!

Be Blessed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Trip To The Morton Home 3/09

Once upon a time, there was a family....The Gray Family. They were a loving family with a heart for the Lord. They wanted so much to please God. They began to work real hard trying to "save the world" and slowly began to loose focus on what was truly important...eachother.

One day the daddy and mommy of this family realized that something was very wrong and they knew that they had to make some changes. They prayed and prayed and asked God to show them how they could get back to where God wanted them to be. Soon after those prayers, they meet Orenzack Family and attended a Friday Night Fellowship at the Bohannan Family Home. And the rest is history!

These pictures are from our trip to The Morton Home in Moltrie, Ga. for a Family Integrated Conference. We were invited by the Campana Family...What fun we had!!!!!!

"We are here! Yayyyyyyyyyy!"

"I see the barn!"


"Hurry, Gracia! It's time to eat!"

My Ken and our Lili

The Morton Home

Some of the "Little Women" (in training)!

Sweet Elizabeth

Kathleen, Hannah, and Sarah Jane rockin' on the porch!

Petting the horses and cows.

Lili, Hannah G. and Hannah B.

Gracia and "Muffin." Two little ladies.

A "country girl."

Mrs Morton and I... She is the wife of a true man of God, a wonderful mother of 12, and a true Titus 2 woman....I am blessed.....

My Beloved and Mr. Morton....A man with a pure heart for the Lord! Two visionaries!!!

A truly joyful family...What a journey.....We will never be the same.....Thank you Jesus!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hannah's Birthday At Fort Christmas

Hannah's B-Day

On March 4, 2009 my lovely Hannah Lucille turned 12!!!!! We put 12 "12's" all over the house for the girls to find. We have such a wonderful time together!!!! Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lilianah is One!!!!

Well, my precious baby is now 1 years old. She is a joy to us all! Sweet Lili looks like her Daddy, acts like her sister, Hannah, eats like her Mommy, (let's just say her nickname is "snacky") and laughs every morning when she sees Elizabeth and Sarah Jane! The Lord has truly blessed us all with her!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so thankful for the life Christ died to give me. I truly am living my "dream life." I am blessed with an awesome man who fears the Lord, 4 wonderful daughters who are the lights and inspiration to my soul, and I have been blessed with friends and who have truly been there for my family through some difficult and challenging times, holding our hands and blessing our path with the truth....